From the Principal

Shelford's Educational Philosophy

Your daughter's future will be shaped by the school you select for her. The wisest choice will be made when the school's values are known and shared by you.

The keystone of Shelford's educational philosophy is our commitment to meeting the needs of every student. In order to realise this commitment, Shelford chooses to be a relatively small school, with class sizes being smaller at all levels. Here no-one is overlooked and no-one can get lost, and a strong sense of community is created when students work with others from all year levels.

Each student has considerable flexibility to progress at a rate that challenges and extends her. Commencing in the Early Learning Centre and extending through to Year 12, vertical structures, acceleration programs, individually designed courses, enhancement programs and a differentiated curriculum, broaden the intellectual and social groupings so that students work with like minds. All administrative structures support this educational commitment.

While a school's first purpose is the intellectual development of the student, at Shelford we recognise that the quality of the relationships that exists between all members of the community determines the quality of learning and the educational outcomes. Consequently, we place considerable emphasis on our uniquely effective pastoral care program. We are concerned not only with the mind of the student, but also with her social, emotional, physical and spiritual development.

Shelford offers a wide range of Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) and Vocational Education and Training (VET) subjects and our smaller class sizes encourage a tutorial approach and easy access to staff. Our co-curricular program, including music, sport, debating, drama and overseas study tours, is deliberately designed to allow every student to participate and each has a wealth of opportunities to discover personal interests and talents. Information and communication technologies are integrated into the entire curriculum to complement and liberate individual learning styles.

Students continue to excel when parents are actively involved and interested in their progress, not only in the ELC, Junior School and Senior School, but also throughout their tertiary education and evolving careers. Parents are encouraged, both formally and informally, to support the staff in the teaching and learning programs.

All students will become independent learners who accept responsibility for their own learning and who behave in a manner that enhances the learning of others. Students are encouraged to be resilient and to have an optimistic view of life. They develop confidence and self-esteem by successfully grappling, either intellectually or physically, with a range of tasks that challenge them to move beyond the familiar and the comfortable. Every student is expected to be passionate about her learning and to be excited by the new and unknown.

Shelford students succeed because they want to do well and they believe that they can achieve at the highest level. Their teachers share this belief. Shelford students will seek opportunities to create exciting futures, through learning experiences that promote excellence, leadership and personal esteem.

In partnership with parents we seek to assist our students to develop into women who will think clearly, act with integrity, make decisions for themselves, be sensitive to and accepting of the needs of others, be strong in their service to the community and hold a global perspective. We believe that these aims can best be achieved with the active support of all members of our community and in an environment that is dedicated to girls.

Polly Flanagan


Interview with the Principal專訪希爾福德女子文法學校校長