About us

Shelford welcomes students from all backgrounds. It is a small school with about 620 students and has a wonderful sense of community. Dedicated, caring teachers support the students and encourage them to achieve their potential.

Since 1898 Shelford has been a strong advocate for girls’ education. The school has an outstanding academic tradition and offers a wide range of subjects at VCE level. Students continue to succeed beyond school with consistently high university results. Shelford has exceptional Visual and Performing Arts programs, extensive sporting opportunities and a strong co-curricular program that includes overseas study tours, debating and a unique Year 9 Challenge program.

Academic ability is important for future success, but the challenges of the 21st century mean that students must acquire a variety of skills and capabilities. There is a growing demand for innovation, creativity, communication, empathy, adaptability and social skills. Education has a vital role to play in helping young people build lives that have meaning and purpose, in an ever changing and unpredictable world.