Careers Counselling

Our Careers Counsellor and Year 12 Business Management teacher Mr Gary Grach is a respected and valued member of our community. Having played a pivotal role in positioning hundreds of Shelfordians for life after school, Mr Grach finds his work endlessly rewarding.

I came to Shelford over 22 years ago from the business sector. You could tell right away it was a truly nurturing environment. Since then I’ve been blessed with many wonderful experiences and colourful students, so that hasn’t changed. There are so many things that make Shelford very special. For me, it’s the small size of the school. I find because I know each student individually, I can give personalised careers guidance.

I really love helping people and the intrinsic rewards from being a school careers counsellor are enormous. Supporting students to find tertiary courses and explore career options that suit their passions and strengths gives me great satisfaction.

It’s always a joy to reunite with Shelfordians at school reunions. I love hearing their success stories or what they have been doing since leaving school both in life and their careers. I find this endlessly rewarding. It feels good seeing how young people step up and flourish in their own life. I’m happy for them, their families, and for us. Success in teaching for me is about helping every student stay motivated and reach their best potential. It’s not just about getting a perfect score in a subject, it’s also about staying curious and engaged.

The most important piece of advice I can give to a student seeking career advice is to say they are more than their ATAR score. Keep an open mind, find your passion and do your research (such as through attending Open Days or other career events that are promoted). It’s good to remember the workplace of the future is constantly evolving and many future jobs don’t even exist yet. Ensuring your skill base continuously develops, like communication and problem-solving skills, will stand you in good stead to tackle future opportunities as they arise.