Year 9 Challenge Program

The Shelford Girls’ Grammar Year 9 Challenge Program provides an exciting and engaging program that encourages Year 9 students to be independent, confident and resilient young women. By conquering the challenges, students develop the life skills to be active and responsible citizens and the courage to work outside their comfort zones. The Challenge program promotes a ‘we can do it’ attitude – essential for young women preparing to take on the world.

Students undertake a four term activity-based curriculum in four key learning and development areas and they undertake a City Challenge, an Environment Challenge, a Justice Challenge and a Physical Challenge.

Students are challenged and supported to reach their full potential and to 'find their spark' as described by Steve Biddulph in his book entitled Raising Girls. The Challenge Program also mirrors the philosophy of well-known psychologist Martin Seligman who believes that, 'we can now teach the skills of well-being – how to have more positive emotion, more meaning, better relationships, and more positive accomplishment ... The aim is for young people of the next generation to flourish.'

The four challenges in the Year 9 Challenge Program are:

  • City Challenge
  • Environment Challenge
  • Justice Challenge
  • Physical Challenge.