Co-ed Toddlers to 4 year old
Full time kinder program
Convenience of extended hours
Child Care Subsidy available

The Shelford Early Learning Centre is co-educational, with a Toddler group for children from 18 months of age, and 3 Year Old and 4 Year Old Kindergarten programs. The National Quality Assessment process evaluates each ELC and Childcare Centre across Australia and the latest assessment places the Shelford ELC in the top 5% of centres in Australia. 

For the convenience of families Shelford also offers the added benefit of child care hours before and after the formal educational programs. The Centre opens at 7.30am and closes at 6pm. We have the additional benefit that parents can claim the Child Care Subsidy. 

The ELC Curriculum follows the Australian Early Years Learning Framework, and is inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach. This means that our educators focus on the children’s interests, and they actively seek to draw out their questions and build on their innate desire to learn. Projects form an important element of Reggio programs. Projects delve into topics in detail and the staff create documentation and artefacts that document each learning journey. Children find this way of learning deeply satisfying. The Creation Story of Bunjil video on this page shows a three year old group project that emanated from an interest in the Aboriginal creation story of Bunjil.

Shelford has specialist classes across all age groups that are designed to complement the wide array of experiences and activities that occur in the classroom every day:

  • In Library children learn about our school and how schools work, and the love of books is nurtured.
  • During Sport children learn about the importance of being healthy, fit and coordinated, how to be a team member and how to challenge themselves to do the very best they can.
  • In Dance and Music children learn to appreciate the beauty that the world of the arts offers; singing and moving rhythmically, hearing music from different cultures and enlivening their imaginations.
  • The Shelford Jolly Phonics Program begins in four-year-old kindergarten; this program is based on sound early literacy research about how children become literate. 
  • Feuerstein also begins in four-year-old kindergarten, where children are ready to stretch their minds further, to learn how their brain works and how learning unfolds; this program gives children a flying start in their transition to school.

To find out more information contact our Registrar, Marie De Sousa:
Telephone: 9524 7413
Email:  mdesousa@shelford.vic.edu.au 





Creation Story of Bunjil