Early Learning Centre

Co-educational programs from 18 months old through to 4 year-old Kindergarten
Full time 3 and 4 year-old Kindergarten programs
Flexible extended hours: from 7.30am and until 6pm
Child Care Subsidy available

Our coeducational Early Learning Centre (ELC) is nestled in Shelford’s leafy grounds. We have self-equipped buildings and outdoor spaces as well as access to the Shelford Library, Sports Field and other whole-school facilities.

Toddler program

Our Toddler program is available for children from 18 months to three years of age. Families are able to choose a minimum of two days through to full-time care. Our Toddler room opens at 7.30am and closes at 6pm each weekday. It runs year-round with a short break over Christmas and New Year.


Our full-time three and four-year-old kindergarten programs offer flexible hours for working families. Kindergarten runs 9am–3pm Monday to Thursday, and 9am–12pm Friday.

Our extended hours program is available daily from 7.30am and until 6pm.The kindergarten and extended hours programs run during school terms. A School Holiday Program is available and runs 7.30am–6pm.

Extended hours can be accessed on a flexible, casual basis whether you need extra time in the morning, afternoon or both. We are here to educate and care for your child when you need it. Parents simply open up their app and book the extended hours sessions they need. This flexibility also ensures you only use your Child Care Subsidy for the hours you actually need.


The National Quality Assessment process evaluates each Early Learning Center and Childcare Centre across Australia and the latest assessment places the Shelford ELC in the top 5% of centres in Australia. We are always looking into the latest research in child development, and accessing expert professional learning locally and internationally to inform our programs.

Our early learning curriculum


Projects are a vital element of Reggio curriculum. These projects delve into topics in detail and our staff document each learning journey so families can join us as the children’s learning unfolds. Children find this way of learning deeply satisfying. The Creation story of Bunjil video on this page is an example of work celebrating a three-year-old group's project which emanated from an interest in the Aboriginal creation story of Bunjil.

Projects are exciting. In the beginning we don’t know where the children’s interests will lead us. Projects always engender a sense that learning is meaningful and joyful while providing a motivating vehicle to develop skills, dispositions and values.

Classroom and specialist programs

Young brains need to be stimulated by a rich variety of experiences with chances for repetition, novelty and fun to develop. Our educators provide diverse classroom programs catering to the needs of all children and our specialist programs across all age groups are designed to complement the wide array of experiences and activities that occur in the classroom every day.

  • In Library children learn about our school and how schools work, and a love of books is nurtured.
  • During Sport children learn about the importance of being healthy, fit and coordinated, how to be a team member and how to challenge themselves to do the very best they can.
  • In Dance and Music children learn to appreciate the beauty of the arts – singing and moving rhythmically, hearing music from different cultures and enlivening their imaginations.
  • Feuerstein, Jolly Phonics and Yoga begin in four-year-old kindergarten, where children are ready to stretch their minds further, to learn how their brains and bodies work in more detail. These practices give children a head start in their transition to school.

To find out more information contact our Registrar, Marie De Sousa.
Telephone: 9524 7413
Email: mdesousa@shelford.vic.edu.au 





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