Learning enhancement

At Shelford we offer a school-wide program to support the individual needs of our students. Programs are designed to support and address the developmental and academic learning needs of each individual.

Support programs include:

  • enrichment programs
  • individualised support for students with learning difficulties/disabilities.

Personalised programs are designed, and support is provided in regular classroom settings and study sessions. 

The Learning Enhancement team works with classroom teachers and families to assist each student to achieve her best. This is done through collaboratively designing and delivering a differentiated approach to learning, to cater for a range of  skills and abilities. 

Assistance can range from the development of organisation, time management and study skills, to targeted literacy and numeracy interventions.

The Learning Enhancement Team also caters for students requiring further challenge through internal programs and a range of external opportunities. The focus is on the development of individual skills, as well as building each student's confidence and resilience when taking on new challenges.

Shelford Girls' Grammar students