Senior School

Senior School encompasses Years 7 to 12.

Students are encouraged to broaden their horizons, to experience new activities and disciplines and to contribute to the life of the school with enthusiasm. 

Outstanding Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) results and the attainment of sought-after tertiary places reflect the commitment of the students and the professionalism of the academic staff.

Middle School

Middle School 

Year 7 students enter the Middle School surrounded by fresh faces, grand ideas and new experiences.   They are inspired by their teachers, motivated by their peers and challenged by our expectations.   All students are encouraged to strive for their best and to reach for even greater rewards as they set goals and work hard for their future. 

Our Middle School curriculum is based on the Victorian Curriculum standards but also reflects the values we place on a liberal education, one that is relevant, dynamic and inspiring to our students. 

Students in Years 7 and 8 study a wide range of subjects designed to give them a broad experience, consolidate skills, provide extension and to support their transition into a secondary school setting.   Students in Year 9 are able to choose elective subjects that foster their individual interests, talents and encourage ambition.   Students select elective subjects for a semester, timetabled alongside core subjects.

Students in Years 7 and 8 participate in the C3 Program. The program is held during the final week of the school year and encourages Creativity, Collaboration and Celebration of the students’ achievements. It is a week-long House competition that merges curriculum and the School’s values with hands-on, teamwork based activities.

Students in Year 9 participate in the Challenge Program. The program is held throughout the year with a different challenge for students to experience each term. The four challenge areas are City, Physical, Justice and Environment.

All Middle School students participate in the Quærite Program and the Outdoor Education Program.

The Quærite Program

The Quærite program is a personal development program that operates throughout the whole school.  Students in Years 7 to 9 experience much change in their lives.   Through exploring a variety of themes we are able to nurture the physical, social and emotional development of each student in the Middle School. 

At Years 7, 8 and 9 students cover a new area each term that supports their learning and wellbeing.  The program is divided into four areas:

  • Positive Education
  • Respect and Relationships
  • Myself as a learner
  • Discovering my Place

Each area is run by a team which comprises teaching staff and guest speakers. Plays, peer teaching, projects, excursions and incursions are some of the activities that help to engage the students learning and participation.

The program develops skills, knowledge, attitudes and understandings which will enable the students to value and lead healthy lives as contributing and productive members of society.  The program is constantly reviewed and updated in response to contemporary issues.   Quærite compliments and enhances the efforts made by families and community groups to support young people. 


Middle School Handbook

Year 10

Year 10 

The Shelford Year 10 Program allows for education of the whole person- emotionally, socially, intellectually and physically.

Building upon the Year 9 Program, Year 10 studies support the students’ transition to becoming more independent and mature learners. 

Students are encouraged to supplement class work through participation in extra-curricular activities including sport [both House and School], Music ensembles, Drama performances and leadership opportunities.  These contributions are acknowledged in Semester reports.  

Students are also encouraged to:

  • Become Peer Support leaders to Year 7 students
  • Act as Senior School Parliamentarians
  • Volunteer for community service.

The Quærite Program

Shelford understands that the individual’s total development must be viewed as the sum of many parts; physical, social, emotional, academic and spiritual. 

The Pastoral Care program in the Senior School, “Quaerite”, supports student’s personal and academic development. The term Quaerite means to seek or search for.  It is our aim to ensure that students have a sound understanding of their place in the world, the community and their personal responsibility.

This program allows students to participate in a series of workshops to explore relevant themes, including Making Positive Choices, The Learner in Me, You Can Do It, and Empowering through Service.

The Quaerite program is based on Shelford’s core values: Respect, Integrity, Passion and Creativity.


Year 10 Handbook

VCE (Years 11 and 12)

VCE (Years 11 and 12)

Shelford provides a dynamic VCE program that emphasises academic rigour and challenges every girl to achieve her personal best.  The wide range of subjects offered at Shelford reflects the most popular VCE subjects.  These subjects have been selected to provide students with a strong program in all areas, including the traditional academic areas of English, Maths, Science, Humanities and Languages as well as a comprehensive range of offerings in the Visual and Performing Arts.

VCE is a two-year course plan in which a student outlines the combinations of Units she aims to study. Students are encouraged to plan their studies around their interests, talents and career directions or pathways.

Many students will have very clear goals and will construct quite specific programs.  Some students, who are still working through possible career directions and pathways, can construct a program from a variety of curriculum areas to explore their abilities and interests in a broad set of studies.


VCE Course Guide