Student wellbeing

The wellbeing of students, staff, parents and our broader community is central to everything we do at Shelford. The School’s core values of respect and integrity underpin the importance that is placed on wellbeing.

Shelford employs two Psychologists who provide counselling to students from Prep to Year 12. The Psychologists liaise with the School Executive and work closely with each student's pastoral care teacher (classroom teacher in the Junior School and Year Level Coordinator in the Senior School).

The Psychologists administer appropriate testing and assessments of students and make recommendations in the subsequent reports. They also work closely with the Learning Enhancement staff regarding strategies to support the specific needs of students.

The wellbeing of students is also supported by the Quaerite Program and sessions and workshops presented by experts that include safe behaviours regarding social media, positive mindsets and strategies, resilience, adolescence, healthy relationships and drugs and alcohol.

Shelford's school psychologists

Meet our Psychologists

Acknowledging that one in seven people aged 4 to 17 experience a mental health condition in any given year and that over half of lifelong mental health problems begin before the age of 14, Shelford’s psychologists Mel McInneny and Jacqui Green are aware of the critical importance their work.

'There is constant renegotiation of relationships with friends and family during your school years', says Jacqui.

Mel agrees. 'Mental health issues are so common in these years of enormous change.'

Whilst Jacqui predominantly works with our Junior School students and Mel supports our Senior School, they work collaboratively to ensure every Shelford student receives the psychological support they need. Their offices are located downstairs in Helenslea and one of them is onsite at all times.

Mel and Jacqui agree 'it is okay to not be okay', and want Shelford students and their parents to know they are never alone. The mental health of students is a priority for our school.