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Shelford Girls’ Grammar has a proud history of exemplary girls’ education.

Whilst much has changed since 1898, we remain a small school firmly committed to educating girls and young women. We aim to balance our respect for the history and traditions of this fine school with engaging, innovative programs that reflect current educational and student wellbeing best practice.

We are living in a time of fast-paced change; of environmental and economic challenges, global connectivity, and evolving workplaces and social contexts. Today, more than ever, our students need to develop capacities to adapt, innovate and problem solve. To expect the unexpected, and to work within changing paradigms.

Our values of respect, creativity, passion and integrity are at the core of what we expect of our students and staff; we encourage our students to be creative and independent thinkers, to have a passion for their learning, a respect for themselves and others and to develop their character.

At Shelford, our greatest assets are our students, staff, alumni and parents, who operate in an atmosphere of mutual respect. Relationships are at the core of what we do. Our students flourish because they learn in a community that nurtures, stimulates and challenges them, and in which they are encouraged to be courageous.

We are confident that your child will thrive at Shelford and we look forward to welcoming new families into our school.

Katrina Brennan


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Shelford Principal Katrina Brennan