Learning enrichment and support

At Shelford, we offer school-wide programs and practices that challenge, enrich and support individual students according to their identified needs. This is done within the regular classroom setting or through targeted programs designed to address students’ academic and developmental needs as they progress through their years at Shelford.

Support at Shelford

The Student Enrichment and Support (SEAS) Department works with the Heads of Junior School, Year Level Coordinators, classroom teachers, students and their families to tailor a range of supports for students with identified/diagnosed learning difficulties/disabilities, enabling each student to experience success at their level of ability, not disability or challenge.

This is done through collaboratively designing and delivering a differentiated approach to teaching, learning and assessment. Shelford caters for a wide range of skills and abilities in students, with a focus on the individual’s growth over time. Support can include targeted literacy and numeracy intervention and/or the explicit development of organisational, time management and study skills. On occasion, students may work 1:1 or in small groups with a member of the SEAS Department to develop targeted skills appropriate to their specific needs.

Senior School Study Support classes

Study Support is a timetabled class for students in Years 7–10, taught by SEAS Department teachers. In Study Support classes, students receive general literacy instruction to develop reading and writing skills across all subject areas and targeted literacy support for specific classes.

Study Support teachers also help develop students’ metacognitive awareness of themselves as learners and study skills to assist them to be more independent learners who are well-organised advocates of their own learning.

Enrichment at Shelford

For students requiring extension in specific subjects or areas, the SEAS Department collaborates with classroom and subject teachers to extend the curriculum, addressing students’ needs through greater breadth and depth. Enrichment opportunities include commercial or bespoke programs and competitions at students’ levels of aptitude and interest. The main focus of these enrichment opportunities is fostering a learning environment which encourages students to develop their curiosity, take measured risks with their learning and relationships, engage with like-minded peers, think critically and reach their potential.

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