Prep to Year 2

The first years of schooling, from Prep to Year 2, are vital, laying the foundation for your child’s educational journey. With the right structures and support, children learn how to successfully interact with others, problem solve, experiment, take calculated risks and explore.

Socialisation is paramount to a good Junior School experience. The skills students develop during this time are critical competencies they will need throughout their lives. Shelford has a strong community spirit and students and families feel a sense of belonging, connection, pride and safety.

Junior Discovery Centre 

Our Junior Discovery Centre (JDC) is a large learning area where students from Prep to Year 2 interact collaboratively, problem solve, and experiment and explore through play-based experiences. They very quickly develop passion and lifelong interests.

Our approach

Students are encouraged to be critical and creative thinkers, striving for their personal best. Our teaching in Literacy and Numeracy are explicit, giving students the tools to read, write and manipulate numbers successfully, very early on. This is achieved by implementing programs such as Jolly Phonics (a multi-sensory approach) where students learn all their sounds, providing them with the necessary skills to develop competency in reading. Their world of Literacy opens, and they become exploratory and engaged learners.

Young girls have a natural curiosity about their world and can explore these in different modalities. Technology is embedded into our curriculum and is well balanced with opportunities of self-exploration. Our small class sizes allow students to be risk takers, and feel valued, nurtured and cared for.

Specialist programs

Our specialist programs include Japanese, French, Digital Technology, Art, Music, Drama, Health and Physical Education. Our students make connections within the School through a Buddies program and participating in House carnivals.