Enrichment opportunities

Debating and public speaking

Shelford students are encouraged to participate in the Debating Association of Victoria’s (DAV) Schools competition. This inter-school program is open to students from Year 9 to 12, and runs from Term 1 until late into Term 3. The DAV also offer a junior program for Year 7 and 8 students during Terms 3 and 4 that provides an introduction to debating and training of key skills. Debating is a popular extra-curricular experience at Shelford; it attracts students with a range of interests, and promotes the development of vital skills. Due to the overwhelming interest in debating, we plan to introduce a House Debating competition in 2021, in addition to the DAV interschool program. 

There are a myriad of public speaking opportunities at Shelford, both within the curriculum and through extra-curricular programs, such as the DAV public speaking competition. Shelford is the proud host of the regional finals of the VCAA Plain English Speaking Awards (PESA), a competition that aims to build self-confidence and extend students’ skills in oral communication, speech writing and research. In 2019, Year 12 student Grace Baldwin was a PESA finalist and we look forward to hosting the regional finals again in 2021.