Performing Arts

The Performing Arts at Shelford involves two main disciplines – Music and Drama.


The Music Department develops an interest in and a love of music through classroom programs, individual tuition and participation in the co-curricular program. Students are provided performance opportunities at music concerts, Chapel services, assemblies, competitions, AMEB examinations, school functions and Open Days, as well as performances in the local community.

The Junior School and Senior School present a musical and/or House Performing Arts each year. Students are involved in all aspects of these productions – music, dance, drama, script, lighting, scenery and stage design.


The Drama Department creates performance opportunities for students and fosters a passion for public presentation skills, team building skills, creativity, fun and performance. Drama focuses on the creation and performance of characters and stories that communicate ideas, meaning and messages.

Students learn about a range of performance styles, performance techniques, conventions, play-making techniques, production areas, expressive skills, performance skills, and how to gather meaning from stimulus to create stories. Students experience both the development and performance of their own works and scripted plays.

Drama equips students with knowledge, skills and confidence to communicate as individuals and collaboratively in a broad range of social, cultural and work-related contexts.