Why Shelford?

Helping girls thrive for almost 125 years.

Shelford is a welcoming school for girls in Prep–Year 12, with an outstanding academic tradition and a genuine sense of community. We believe our extraordinary care helps create extraordinary girls.

Our students thrive in an environment that nurtures, stimulates and challenges them. Where they are encouraged to stay curious and be courageous.

Nurturing and challenging

High standards and the pursuit of excellence are core to the fabric of the School. From day one our students are encouraged to harness their passions and develop lifelong interests.

With our small class sizes, teachers really get to know each student, individually nurturing them so they develop to the best of their potential.

Education for the modern world

Shelford offers exceptional Visual and Performing Arts programs, extensive sporting opportunities and a strong co-curricular program that includes study tours and camps, debating and a unique Year 9 Challenge program.

Academic ability is important for future success. However it’s just as important to foster and teach the mindset students will need to flourish in the future, as demand for innovation, creativity, communication, empathy, adaptability and social skills continues to grow.