Years 3 to 6

As our students transition from our Junior Discovery Centre, they consolidate the foundations built in the early years and become increasingly independent learners. The teaching and learning environment of Years 3 to 6 supports every student to achieve their personal best. Students are encouraged to be creative and critical thinkers, who are resilient and persevere when faced with challenge.

Numeracy and literacy are once again prioritised across these years through explicit instruction. During Humanities and Science, girls discover the world through the eyes of a scientist, engineer, artist and explorer. They are encouraged to share their ideas and learn to take action.  

Our specialist programs include Japanese, Digital Technology, Art, Music, Health, Sport and Physical Education.  

Key features of Middle and Upper Primary are Instrumental music, Choir, House sporting carnivals, House Performing Arts, Makerspace, the leadership and buddies programs and camp. 

Part of understanding that each student is unique and valued, staff facilitate transition activities and have processes in place to ensure a smooth transition to the new learning environment of Year 7

Shelford Junior School
Shelford Junior School