Our vision and values

Our vision

Shelford Girls' Grammar is a model of excellence in girls' education.

Our mission

Shelford strives to provide a quality education that encompasses the moral, physical, intellectual, social, emotional and aesthetic development of all students within a safe, caring and supportive community that acknowledges its rich heritage and Christian traditions.

Our values

At Shelford our core values are embedded in every endeavour that we undertake and underpin all that we do.   

Respect – celebrating excellence and diversity, being mindful of the needs of others, caring for the environment and encouraging community building and service.

Integrity – being courteous, reliable, honest, loyal and trustworthy and behaving ethically and making principled decisions that make a positive contribution to our community.

Passion – encouraging independent, self-aware and confident girls and young women to develop a love of learning, a desire and determination to make a positive contribution to a changing world, the courage and confidence to try new things, reach out to others and strive for justice.

Creativity – embracing the challenges of a changing world and responding with curiosity, imagination and innovative thinking.

Shelford students