Quærite Wellbeing Program

Shelford’s motto from when our school was established in 1898 is Quærite Primo Regnum Dei. The Latin word Quærite is derived from Quære meaning to seek, search, investigate or inquire, and it is the inspiration for the innovative Quærite Wellbeing Program at Shelford.

The Quærite Wellbeing Program, is a Prep–Year 12 bespoke program that delivers weekly sessions to students on a range of topics such as healthy relationships, cyber safety, positive mindsets, resilience, study skills, time management, sleep, nutrition, mental health and financial literacy.

The Program is based on Shelford’s core values and encourages students to discover their strengths and passions, to develop a love of learning and a desire to make a positive contribution to society, to respect people and the environment, to search for a deeper understanding of their own social, emotional, physical and spiritual needs and those of others, and to develop a sense of their own rights and responsibilities. A key feature of our program is that it is tailored to the needs of individual cohorts.

Education has a vital role to play in helping young people build lives that have meaning and purpose, in an ever-changing and unpredictable world. As such, the Quærite Wellbeing Program responds to the growing demand for contemporary students to develop innovation, creativity, communication, empathy, adaptability and social skills.