Quaerite Program

Shelford was established in 1898, and its motto is Quaerite Primo Regnum Dei. The Latin word Quaerite is derived from Quaere meaning to seek, search, investigate or inquire, and it has been the inspiration for the innovative Quaerite Program at Shelford.

The Quaerite Program from Prep to Year 12 is based on Shelford’s core values. It encourages students to discover their strengths and passions, to develop a love of learning and a desire to make a positive contribution to society, to respect people and the environment, to search for a deeper understanding of their own social, emotional, physical and spiritual needs and those of others, and to develop a sense of their own rights and responsibilities.

It also develops effective thinking dispositions such as the ability to be open-minded and to consider other points of view, to give appropriate reasons for opinions, to develop resilience and the ability to persevere when things are complex, to embrace challenges and to respond with curiosity, imagination and innovative thinking.

Academic ability is important for future success, but the challenges of the 21st century mean that our students must acquire a variety of skills and capabilities. There is a growing demand for innovation, creativity, communication, empathy, adaptability and social skills. Education has a vital role to play in helping young people build lives that have meaning and purpose, in an ever changing and unpredictable world.