Appointment of New Principal 2023

Tuesday, 24 Oct 2023

Dear Shelford community,

As we welcome Pauline Cutajar to her new role of Principal of Shelford, I want to take a moment to share with you a little bit about our new Principal, and why the Board is confident her appointment marks a new era, one that continues the academic excellence and stability of our school. Many of you will have already met Pauline; many more will know her from her current role as Deputy Principal – Student Wellbeing and Development. What you may not be aware of is her extensive experience and expertise in girls’ school education. Pauline has over 30 years' experience at Melbourne girls’ schools, including St Aloysius College, Sacré Coeur, and Ave Maria College. Completing her own education in co-educational schools, when she started her first role, Pauline was immediately struck by the ways in which girls’ only schools nurtured their students’ wellbeing through community and support, and how this enhanced the academic outcomes for students.

Since then, Pauline has become a champion of girls’ education and is a recognised thought leader in the sector. Pauline completed her studies at the University of Melbourne. She initially graduated with a Bachelor of Education in 1990, followed by a Postgraduate Diploma in Education Studies (student welfare) in 2006 and then shortly after that a Master of Education in Human Resource Management and Marketing in Education. Pauline’s deep understanding about the inextricable link between wellbeing and academic outcomes has been of immeasurable benefit to Shelford, particularly as families navigated the challenges of COVID and the ongoing wellbeing issues it has left in its wake. Those of us who know Pauline personally know that her career achievements are reflective of her personal values. Pauline and her twin brother were raised the youngest of nine children to parents who emigrated from Malta in 1954. She and her siblings were raised to believe that hard work, resilience, and the love of family and community were the keys to success and happiness. It is no surprise then, that she feels a deep connection to the Shelford community. Pauline has been married to her husband Anthony for 28 years and they have a fabulous 24-year-old daughter, Maddison. It’s a house filled with the family’s passion for music, books, lively conversation, extended family, and laughter. They can often be found planning their next travel adventure.

As a Board, we have been privileged to learn from and be inspired by Pauline’s leadership, her exceptional understanding of girls’ education, and her steadfast commitment to helping our girls aspire to and achieve academic excellence, and we are very much looking forward to working with her to continue the proud tradition of Shelford and take our school to new heights of achievement and sustainability.

Pam Russell

Chair of the Board of Governors