Why choose Shelford for Prep 2023?

Junior School Monday, 22 Aug 2022

The ripples of lockdown on a post-pandemic landscape have had an unexpected and profound impact on our littlest Melburnians. It is naïve to think our children have come through the last couple of years unscathed. Children are emotional sponges; their instincts and innate intuition mean they absorb stresses and uncertainties from their environment – no matter how much we adults try to protect them – deeply impacting both wellbeing and learning.

Extraordinary care

At Shelford Girls’ Grammar, we believe extraordinary care makes extraordinary girls. The exceptional care and expert teaching we provide our Prep students in our Junior Discovery Centre (JDC) establish secure foundations to optimise a successful school career. The JDC lends itself to providing opportunities for extension and nurture as required. In this boutique and attractive learning centre, we are fortunate to be able to offer small classes and experienced, proficient teaching professionals. In an all-girls’ environment with room to grow and flourish, our Preps receive targeted and personalised learning that meets their individual developmental needs to foster a lifelong love of learning. 

Literacy and numeracy

The journey to reading begins with phonemic awareness, one of the best early predictors of reading success. At Shelford, students develop their phonemic awareness through the explicit instruction of phonics, using the research behind the science of reading. Success in reading translates to success in all areas of the curriculum. This is complemented with a numeracy program that uses hands-on, concrete activities to instil foundational number sense and the early development of mental strategies to promote long term mathematical competence and confidence.

Specialist classes

Our wide-ranging and enriching Prep specialist program includes Music, Drama, Visual Arts, PE and Sport, Digital Technologies, French and Japanese to provide for well-rounded development of the whole child. In this arena, each girl is supported to discover and develop her passions, creativity and talent.

Lifelong friendships

Equally importantly, friendship skills are explicitly taught and modelled. Shelford students go on to develop lifelong relationships with a strong community of alumni.

In Shelford’s exceptional Prep–Year 12 environment, every girl is seen, known and appreciated. Investing in your daughter’s education at Shelford at Prep level will set her up to thrive throughout her schooling as a confident, valued member of a vibrant and inspiring learning community.

Vicky Gemmell
Head of Junior School Student Wellbeing and Development