Shelford Parents' Association

All Shelford parents are members of the Shelford Parents' Association (SPA) and are welcome to join the SPA committee or attend the meetings.

SPA Committee

President: Nikki Carrick

Vice President: Mukesh Garg

Secretary: Kristine Hendry

Treasurer: Maria Kral

Public Officer: Maria Kral

General Committee Members

Cris Batzios

Lisa Edwards

Bryan Goudsblom

Tania Kilbane

Stephen Oliver

James Smart

SPA Meeting Dates 2019

The Shelford Parents' Association (SPA) committee meets in The Hood at 7.30pm, usually on the last Wednesday of the month in term time. All parents are welcome to attend these meetings.


Term 1

30 January  

27 February

27 March

Term 2

24 April

29 May

19 June

Term 3

31 July

28 August

18 September

Term 4

30 October -  Annual General Meeting

27 November

December TBA

Shelford Parents' Association Purpose

The Shelford Parents' Association Inc Statement of Purposes

The objects of the Shelford Parents' Association Incorporated are:

  • To co-operate with the School Board of Shelford Girls' Grammar in working for the advancement and progress of the school and the welfare and happiness of its students and staff.
  • To raise funds for the improvement of the School's properties and amenities for the benefit and value of the students.
  • To develop positive relationships amongst the parents and between the parents and the Principal, the parents and staff, and the parents and the Board.
  • To promote Shelford Girls' Grammar in the broader community.

Class Representatives

Class Representatives play a vital role in the life of the School. By acting as a crucial link between parents, the Shelford Quaerite committee, the SPA committee and the School, Class Representatives help to create a strong sense of community, which is one of Shelford's core values.

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